Nissan 370Z lowered on coilovers

Best G37 / 370Z Coilovers? From budget to pro.

While the Nissan 370Z and Infiniti G37 handle great from the factory, a common upgrade is coilovers. Whether you just want your car lower, to handle tighter for some spirited driving, or you're trying to shave an extra couple tenths of a second off your lap time, there's a set of coilovers for you.

We've collected the best Infiniti G37 / Nissan 370Z coilovers on the market and found something for every budget and any use case, from street to track.

Our Top Choice: BC Racing BR Series Coilovers

BC Racing BR Series Coilovers for 370Z and G37

Front Spring Rate: 10 kg/mm
Rear Spring Rate: 100 kg/mm
Damping Adjustment: 30 levels
Style: Monotube

BC Racing makes some of the most popular coilovers on the market. The BC Racing BR Series coilovers are designed for primarily street driving with some occasional weekend track use. They not only let you lower your car for the aesthetic, but significantly improve handling and steering response.

Their 30 levels of damping makes it easy to dial them to match your preference. The lowering locking ring system, patented by BC Racing, allows for easy ride height adjustment, and they have easily accessible adjustment knobs for compression. BC Racing also has front and rear camber plates available, so you can fine-tune your alignment even more. These are true coilovers for the rear, as opposed to the OEM design where the spring and strut are separate.

These coilovers for the G37 and 370Z are one of the best choices for most drivers. They're made for the enthusiast driver who wants some more performance out of their car's handling without an overly harsh ride. They also come with a one year warranty, and are rebuildable with replacement parts, should anything go wrong.

Tein Street Basis Z Coilovers

Nissan 370Z / Infiniti G37 Tein Street Basis Z Coilovers

Front Spring Rate: 9 kg/mm
Rear Spring Rate: 4 kg/mm
Damping Adjustment: Non-adjustable
Style: Twin-tube

A popular budget choice, the Tein Street Basis Z coilovers will lower your side and stiffen the suspension without breaking the bank. They provide a sportier suspension feel and stance. These coilovers aren't overly harsh, since they're designed for primarily street use and decreasing your ride height. Unlike many coilovers which feature a mono tube design, these use a twin tube design

If you want to lower your car on a budget, and you want a gentler ride more similar to stock, then this is a great coilover kit for your 370Z or G37 that will meet all of your goals.

D2 Racing RS Series Coilovers

D2 Racing RS Series Coilovers for Nissan 370Z / Infiniti G37

Front Spring Rate: 9 kg/mm
Rear Spring Rate: 4 kg/mm
Damping Adjustment: 36 levels
Style: Monotube

The D2 Racing RS Series coilover is perfect for occasional track days and street use in a modified car. Their high level of adjustability, with their 36-way damping adjustment, allows you to dial them in for your own preference. If you'd like a gentler ride, you can have that, but on the track where every millisecond counts, you can stiffen them up.

If you're looking to pay a bit more for quality and occasionally track your car, we recommend these coilovers for the 370Z and the G37.

Truhart StreetPlus Coilovers

Truhart StreetPlus Coilovers for 370Z and G37

Front Spring Rate: 12 kg/mm
Rear Spring Rate: 6.3 kg/mm
Damping Adjustment: Non-adjustable
Style: Twin-tube

TruHart's StreetPlus Coilovers are surprisingly quality for their budget price. If you like spirited driving and occasional track driving, but mostly drive on the street, then these coilovers are a great choice. They have a twin-tube design, and separate preload and height adjustment. They also come with solid top mounts, for sportier and more precise handling.

With the TruHart StreetPlus, can lower your 370Z without sacrificing the ride quality. These coilovers offer similar ride quality to the stock suspension and do not have damper adjustments. If you're looking a good budget coilover kit to lower your car, then these are an excellent choice.

KW V3 Coilover Kit

KW Coilover Kit V3 for Infiniti G37 / Nissan 370Z

Front Spring Rate: 4 kg/mm (progressive)
Rear Spring Rate: 4 kg/mm (progressive)
Damping Adjustment: 14-way
Style: Monotube

If you're looking for coilovers that deliver a high level of performance, then that's what you'll get from the KW Variant 3 Coilovers for the Nissan 370Z and Inifinit G37. They have independently adjustable rebound and compression, as well as 14 levels of damping. They allow compression and rebound to be adjusted separately.

The spring rates are progressive, meaning that under normal driving conditions, the ride quality is more gentle, but as you push the car harder and the springs are more compressed, the spring rates increase. Unlike many of the other options, these coilovers retain the stock suspension design in the rear, where the strut and spring are separate from one another.

This coilover system will deliver when your car is pushed to its limits on the track, and let you adjust everything to your own needs.

JRZ RS Pro Coilovers

JRZ RS Pro Coilovers for 370Z / G37

Front Spring Rate: 11.5 kg/mm
Rear Spring Rate: 9 kg/mm
Damping Adjustment: 15-way
Style: Monotube

These coilovers from JRZ are made for all-out performance. They add an external reservoir, designed to increase the fluid capacity and decrease temperatures during heavy use. If you plan on spending a lot of time on the track, this upgrade can make a huge difference.

JRZ uses high-quality materials and high manufacturing standards, making these recommended if you need a serious performance coilover.

Megan Racing EZII Series Coilovers

Megan Racing EZII Series Coilovers

Front Spring Rate: 10 kg/mm
Rear Spring Rate: 8 kg/mm
Damping Adjustment: 15-way
Style: Monotube

The Megan Racing EZII Series coilovers are designed for the budget enthusiast who can't justify the cost of higher-priced coilovers, yet doesn't want to sacrifice quality. The spring rates are conservative, leading to smooth ride quality, but they still deliver great handling. Megan Racing backs them with 1-year warranty should they fail prematurely.

Closing Thoughts

After you've upgraded your tires, coilovers are the next big upgrade to get better handling out of your 370Z or G37. Whether you have a big or small budget, and whether you plan to drive mostly on the street and track, there's a good option for you thanks to the G37 / 370Z's huge aftermarket.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will 350Z coilovers fit the 370Z?

No, 350Z coilovers will not fit on a Nissan 370Z. They're sized differently. However, the Infiniti G37 and Nissan 370Z both take the same coilovers.

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