Red 2017 Subaru WRX from the front, with a polyurethane front lip

Best Front Lips for 2015-2020 WRX / STI

The Subaru WRX has a great aggressive-looking front-end, but it seems to be missing something. Unless your car has the OEM front spoiler as an option, the bottom of the bumper looks a bit naked. Not only does a lip or splitter dress it up, but it adds further to the aggressive look by making your car appear to be lower to the ground.

We've rounded up the best aftermarket front lips for the 2015-2020 WRX and WRX STI, both budget-friendly, and high-end carbon fiber options.

Our Top Pick: CS Style Carbon Fiber Lip

Blue Subaru WRX with CS Style Carbon Fiber Front Lip

This lip for the WRX from Ikon Motorsports is made from carbon fiber, giving it a very nice high end appearance. It's designed for a simple bolt-on installation, using holes that have been predrilled in the bumper and the included mounting hardware.

The CS style lip has a simple design that flows with the existing lines of the car. The carbon fiber looks great and has a nice glossy finish. For those reasons, this is our favorite lip for the 2015-2020 WRX.

S207 Style Front Lip

Grey Subaru WRX with S207 Style Front Lip

The Subaru WRX STI S207 may have been produced limited in quantity, but you can get the same style of lip without breaking the bank. This lip from Ikon Motorsports includes the required mounting hardware and looks great, giving your front end a bit of the S207's stand-out styling. This lip fits very well with the lines of the car, like it's made to be there.

MP Style Front Lip

Black Subaru WRX with MP Style Front Lip

The MP style lip for the WRX is shaped to match the angles of the bumper, with an air dam at the bottom that perfectly lines up with the bottom grill. This lip looks great on the 2015-2020 WRX, and adds some great style to the already aggressive-looking bumper.

This one closely follows the angles of the bumper better than most lips, but its style makes the car look significantly closer to the ground. This is a great affordable option for adding a lip spoiler to your car.

V-Limited Style Carbon Fiber Lip

White Subaru WRX with V-Limited Style Carbon Fiber Front Lip

This lip from Extreme Online Sports has a bit more aggressive styling. From the sides of the lip, there are small "wings" that extend outward, complimenting the aggressive style of the front bumper perfectly. This lip looks great and is easy to install, with the included instructions and hardware.

If you want a lip with a bit more aggressive style, this one's great. It especially looks good when you add canards.

CS Style Polyurethane Lip

White Subaru WRX STI with CS Style Polyurethane Front Lip

This CS-style front lip from Ikon Motorsports is like the carbon fiber version, but more easy on the wallet, since it's made from polyurethane. The unpainted plastic looks good as is, matching with the other plastic parts on the front bumper and the rest of the car, but also looks great painted or wrapped.

This is a nice simple looking lip. It makes the front of the car look sportier and lower to the ground, but it flows with the bumper's OEM lines.

V-Limited Style Polyurethane Lip

Silver Subaru WRX with V-Limited Style Polyurethane Front Lip

Extreme Online Sports also offers a polyurethane version of the V-Limited style lip. It has the same styling as the carbon fiber variant, but it's more affordable and still looks great.

If you want the most aggressive-looking lip and want to save some cash, then this one is perfect. It's more aggressive-looking than some of the other options if that's your thing.

Closing Thoughts

A front lip is one of the easiest and affordable mods for the WRX. With many different plastic and carbon fiber options, there's something for any budget and personal preference.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a front lip do?

A lip not only gives your car a lowered look, bringing the bumper closer to the ground, but can improve aerodynamics, and help protect your bumper from damage from scraping on curbs.

What is a front bumper spoiler?

A front bumper spoiler, otherwise known as a front valence, or a front lip, is a body panel that attaches below the front bumper. This is for aesthetic purposes, as well as improving airflow.

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