5 Best Subaru WRX Interior Mods and Accessories

The Subaru WRX‘s interior isn't bad, but with how much you're already getting for the price, Subaru had to cut some corners in places. Thankfully, the aftermarket has stepped in, creating many different simple interior mods that will make the inside of your WRX a nicer place to be. Here are some of our favorites.

Cup Holder Liners

Cup holder liner interior mod for wrx

These cup holder liners are a great interior mod for your WRX that will add some style, protection, and high-end appearance.

This set not only includes cup holder liners, but liners for the area under your climate controls, the door pockets, the center console, and the small area in front of the cup holders. The liners have red piping works great with the WRX's interior styling. They make it a breeze to clean up any spills and dust that inevitably build up.

LED Lighting

WRX LED interior lighting mod

The stock interior lighting in the Subaru WRX leaves something to be desired, especially with its yellow tint. You can upgrade the interior lighting in your WRX with LEDs easily and cheaply.

The LED lighting ket will give the interior lighting a cooler, brighter appearance. While the stock yellowish bulbs seem cheap, the white light from the LEDs makes the interior feel more premium.

Footwell Illumination Kit

Footwell Illumination is an option for the Subaru WRX from the factory, but if your car didn't come with it, this interior mod is a better option than going to the dealership and having the OEM footwell illumination kit installed.

This LED footwell illumination kit from LEDGlow is universal, easily installed into any car. It has 7 different colors to select from, so you can set the mood to your preference with its remote control. It can be easily hardwired using an add-a-fuse so you have no visible wiring and a stock look and feel.

Carbon Fiber Center Console Hood

Subaru WRX carbon fiber console hood

Another great way to class up your WRX's interior. This carbon fiber center console hood replaces the plastic piece over the screen in the center of your dash. It's easy to install with no tools required and adds some premium styling to your interior. The carbon fiber looks great with the carbon fiber trim that comes stock in the car.


While the stock floor mats in the WRX aren't bad, you might want something that will protect your carpet a little better. Luckily, there are a few great aftermarket options for WRX floor mats.

3D MAXpider Black Weather Floor Mats

The 3D MAXpider floor mats for the Subaru WRX are made to perfectly fit in your car, designed by a 3D scan of the interior. They're made in a three-layer design to keep your floors protected and keep the mats in place.

The top layer, with its great-looking carbon fiber style texture, is made from a protective rubber, so any spills or water from your shoes won't make its way down to the floor. The bottom layer keeps the floor mats in-place like velcro, without damaging the carpet or leaving any marks. In the middle, there's a foam layer for increased comfort and sound deadening.

We highly recommend these floor mats for your Subaru WRX, with their perfect fit, great looks, and protective ability.

Weathertech Floormats

Weathertech floor mats for Subaru WRX

Weathertech is a very well known brand for their floormats and other interior protection accessories. These floor mats are another great and popular option. These floor mats have deeper walls than the 3D Maxpider floor mats, but the styling is plainer.

If you're expecting to go through a lot of mud or snow, these may be the better choice, if you want to protect the floor of your car as best as you can, at the cost of styling.

Carbon Fiber E-Brake Handle

3Amotor Dry Carbon Fiber E-Brake Handle for Subaru WRX

The 3AMOTOR Dry Carbon Fiber E-Brake Handle is a fantastic upgrade over the stock one. This simple interior mod replaces the cheap-looking plastic e-brake handle that comes stock in the Subaru WRX with something more premium and stylish. It goes great with the carbon fiber trim on the dash.