Subaru WRX Shifter

10 Best Subaru WRX Shift Knobs

If you want to add some extra personality to your interior, the shift knob is a great place to start. While we've also reviewed other interior mods for the WRX, there are enough great shift knob options for them to deserve their own article. The shifter is quite obvious in the center of the car's console, sticking up to let everyone know you've got a manual, just begging to be customized.

In addition to making your car's interior your own, aftermarket shift knobs are often weighted heavier than the stock one. A weighted shift knob can help make it easier to shift between gears. The extra weight helps the shifter to fall into the next gear easier, giving you more confidence as you shift.

If you're looking for a new shift knob for your WRX or WRX STI, then look no further. We've compiled a list of our favorites.

Billetworkz Cosmic Shift Knob

Billetworks Galaxy Shift Knob for the Subaru WRX

Billetworkz is based out of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and they specialize in making some of the highest quality shift knobs on the market. They're made out of solid aluminum, polished, and custom anodized. It's available in blue, red, and purple finishes. No two shift knobs from Billetworks are exactly the same since each one is custom made. An excellent choice to add some style to your WRX's interior with its unique patterns, its premium feel, and excellent quality.

Billetworkz Weighted Shift Knob

Billetworks weighted shift knob

Another great choice from Billetworkz. If you prefer a weighted shift knob, this one is weighted at 500 grams, or 17.6 ounces, one of the heaviest options available. It's available in red, black and white finishes. If you prefer a more subtle look or some extra weight, this is an excellent choice. Billetworks has some of the best shift knobs on the market.

Boomba Racing White Delrin Shift Knob

Boomba Racing's delrin shift knobs are a great choice if you want a weighted shift knob, but you don't want to burn your hand on hot metal in the summer heat. The inner brass core adds extra weight to help with more precise shifting, but the outside of the shift knob is made from delrin, a kind of plastic, to keep it from absorbing too much heat from the sun, or from getting too cold in the winter.

Billetworkz Cosmic Space Piston Shift Knob

Billetworkz offers shift knobs in a variety of other designs, such as this cosmic space piston shift knob. This shift knob has an extended length when compared to the stock one, and like all Billetworkz shift knobs, each comes with a slightly different pattern, making it one of a kind. It's made from machined aluminum with a scratch-resistant anodized finish. The Billetworkz Cosmis Space Piston shift knob is available in blue, purple, and red.

Mishimoto Carbon Fiber Shift Knob

Mishimoto carbon fiber shift knob

Mishimoto is a well known for their wide variety of aftermarket car parts, for everything from intercoolers and intakes, to exhaust systems and shift knobs. If you prefer a lighter shift knob, this one is great. Its carbon fiber finish goes great with the WRX's carbon fiber trim on the dash.

Mishimoto Weighted Shift Knob

Mishimoto weighted shift knob

Mishimoto's weighted shift knob for the WRX gives a drastically different look and feel from the stock one. Its extended length helps with quicker shifting since you'll have to move your hand a smaller distance from the steering wheel.

The Mishimoto Weighted Shift knob is available in black and silver polished finishes. It's made from steel for the added weight, 12.8 oz in total. If you're looking to upgrade your shift knob, this one will not only look great but make your shifts easier with its extended length and extra weight to help the shifter slide into gear.

NRG Innovations Shift Knob

NRG Innovations Shift Knob

NRG Innovations is mostly known for their racing steering wheels and related parts such as steering wheel quick releases. However, they offer some other products such as shift knobs. This shift knob is similar in design to the last one we discussed from Mishimoto, but with a burnt stainless steel finish. Slightly heavier, this one comes in at 14.7 ounces. This one's also a great choice if you want some extended length, but you want a more flashy finish or a slightly weighted shift knob.

PERRIN Stainless Steel Shift Knob

From one of the biggest names in the Subaru aftermarket, Perrin's stainless steel shift knob is an excellent and high-quality choice. Weighing in at 12.8 oz, this shift knob gives some extra weight over the stock shift knob, helping the shifter to fall into gear with ease. It has a 1-inch adjustable screw, so you can fine-tune the height to your own preference. It comes in either a ball or tapered design.

Subaru OEM Shift Knob (Red)

If you just want something a little different, then this knob is just like the stock one that comes in the WRX, but with a red face instead of grey. Subaru's shift knob feels great in the hand, and the leather looks great too. The red on this shift knob matches all of the red stitching perfectly, adding just a little more "pop" to your interior.

Subaru STI Shift Knob

If you have a regular WRX and not an STI, one small thing you're missing out on is the shift knob from the STI. Subaru's OEM STI shift knob has a higher weight, at 318 grams, more than the one from the WRX. If you're looking for a weighted shift knob, then this one may be just enough heavier for your tastes if the heavier shift knobs are too much for you. The perforated leather gives the knob a high quality look and feel that's a level above the stock shift knob from the WRX.


There's no single best shift knob, but these are all great options depending on your personal preference, whether you want a weighted shift knob or something lighter, or whether you want something that stands out or something more subtle.

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