7 Best Spray Sealants? Get easy paint protection.

If you want to keep your paint looking fresh for years to come, some sort of wax or sealant is a must. Fortunately, gone are the days when waxing a car means spreading a paste in a thin layer, and working to buff it all away. Spray sealants offer an easy and effective way to add protection to your paint, helping to protect it from the elements. We've compiled a list of our favorite spray sealants and waxes below.

Our Top Choice: P&S Detail Products Bead Maker

The ever popular Bead Maker is so well-liked for a reason. This spray sealant is easy to apply and wipe away without leaving streaks. It leaves behind an incredibly slick surface, beading any rain or other water effectively.

After applying Bead Maker, car washes are much easier and dirt wipes away with ease. Bead Maker is our favorite spray sealant, and with its affordable price (especially when purchasing a gallon at once). It can last for couple of months on the paint, or it can be used as a drying aid with each wash for continuous protection.

303 SiO2 Touchless Sealant

303 SiO2 Based Spray Sealant

This SiO2 based sealant from 303 Products is easy to apply and can give your car up to 4-6 months of protection. This is a touchless sealant, meaning you just need to spray it on the car after washing and rinse it off. The 303 Si02 Touchless Sealant has great hydrophobic qualities, giving you excellent water beading and easier washes. If you're looking for the easiest way to seal your car's paint, this is our favorite.

Turtle Wax ICE Seal N Shine Hybrid Sealant

Turtle Wax ICE Seal N Shine Hybrid Sealant

Turtle Wax ICE Seal n Shine is a hybrid sealant, meaning it contains both carnauba wax and a synthetic sealant. Carnauba wax tends to add an extra layer of gloss to a car's paint, and synthetic sealants tend to last longer with a superior hydrophobic quality. This hybrid sealant will bring you some of the best of both worlds, and it's easy to apply. Just spray it on the paint and wipe it off with a microfiber cloth for long lasting protection.

Chemical Guys Hybrid V7 Spray Sealant

Chemical Guys Hybrid V7 Spray Sealant

This spray sealant from Chemical Guys helps to add some extra gloss to your paint and maintain your coating, but it also doubles as a quick detail spray. It contains both carnauba wax and a synthetic sealant, giving you excellent paint protection and shine. If your car is lightly dirty or dusty, this product will let you clean and protect your paint all in one step.

Adam's UV Graphene Ceramic Spray Sealant

This spray sealant from Adam's is a true graphene based spray sealant, providing superior long-lasting protection when compared to SiO2 based sealants. This spray sealant can last a year or even longer. This ceramic spray sealant is designed to bond to Adam's ceramic coatings, but it can also be used as a standalone product with excellent results. If you want to strongest, longest lasting spray sealant, we think this is for you.

Shine Armor Carnauba Spray Wax

If you prefer a carnauba based spray wax over a synthetic sealant, Shine Armor's spray wax is a great choice. It's designed to be easy to apply and streak free, letting you easily wax your car and keep your car looking great and protected from the elements. Simply spray this on your car and wipe it away for a great carnauba shine that will impress the neighbors.

TopCoat F11 Polish & Sealer

TopCoat F11 Polish & Sealer

The TopCoat F11 spray sealant makes protecting your paint fast and easy. Compared to traditional waxes, this takes about half the time. It's formulated to be streak free, and restore your car's shine by concealing light swirl marks.

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