subaru wrx rear end with fog light mod

Best 2015+ WRX Exterior Mods? Make it your own.

We love the styling of the 2015-2020 WRX, but as all car enthusiasts will understand, it's never good enough when it's stock. Fortunately, there's a huge aftermarket for the Subaru WRX / STI, and there's plenty of exterior mods you can customize your car with. There are a variety of aero parts like splitters, lips and spoilers, and there's headlights, tail lights, trim pieces, and more.

One of the best parts of the WRX is that it's rare to see two that look exactly the same. We've compiled a list of our favorite WRX exterior mods that will add some extra personality and uniqueness to your car.

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Our Top Choice: Rally Armor Mud Flaps

Rally Armor Mud Flaps

Rally Armor makes the most popular mud flaps for the Subaru WRX, and we highly recommend them. Their durability and flexible design helps them to hold up to the elements and rubbing on bumps. Check out our full list of mudflaps for the 2015+ WRX / STI and see how they compare.

iJDMToy 3-in-1 LED Rear Fog Light

iJDMToy 3-in-1 LED Rear Fog Light

The rear bumper on the 2015+ Subaru WRX has a blank space for a rear fog light to be installed, so it's a mystery why Subaru didn't include this from the factory. This rear fog light from iJDMToy functions as a brake light, running light, and reverse light.

It includes everything you need to install the fog light: a mounting bracket, screws, and wiretaps. This really adds some sophistication to the rear end of the car, is easy to install, and makes your car more visible for added safety.

This is one of our favorite lighting mods for the WRX, with its affordable price and ease of installation. It makes great use of that empty space in the bumper, and really should have been there from the factory.

Perrin Licence Plate Relocate

Perrin Licence Plate Relocation Kit

The WRX doesn't come with holes in the bumper for a license plates from North America, but instead ones from Japan. Your options for the stock location are either drilling new holes, or using a plastic bracket to mount the license plate. Neither of these are great in our opinion.

If you live in a state where you're required to use a front plate, then Perrin's plate relocation kit is for you. It goes in the place for the front tow hook, mounting your plate offset from the center. It's made with high-quality parts, better than typical plastic brackets, and we think US-style plates look much better mounted this way.

Dark Smoke Tail Light Tint Cover

Dark Smoke Tail Light Tint Cover

This vinyl overlay covers the clear plastic portion of the 2015+ WRX / STI's taillights. This still allows light to shine though, but gives the rear end of the car a more aggressive look. It's amazing how much this small exterior mod changes the car's appearance. Installation is very easy with th included instructions, and these are made from durable UV stabilized vinyl.

Xotic Tech 5D Carbon Fiber Vent Overlays

Xotic Tech 5D Carbon Fiber Vent Overlays

This simple carbon fiber style vinyl overlay makes the vents on the side of the WRX / STI really pop. They're fit to perfectly fit in the small lip next to the front fender vents. We think these really help make the car look sportier, highlighting the front fender vents, but the carbon fiber style texture looks great too.

CS Style Carbon Fiber Front Lip

This front lip is made from carbon fiber and looks great, perfectly matching the curves of the bumper. If you want the one of best front lips available, we recommend this one. If you'd like something more affordable or different, then check out our full list of front lips for the 2015+ WRX / STI.

Carbon Fiber Mirror Covers

These mirror covers are made from real carbon fiber, and replace the factory painted mirror cover. These give your WRX a cooler and more aggressive look, and are easy to install

Subaru STi Logo Door Handle Cup Protector

Subaru STi Logo Door Handle Cup Protector

The spot under the door handles is always the most prone to scratches on any car, and the hardest to polish. These genuine Subaru door handle cup protectors will save you from those scratches and add some style to your car at the same time. They're very sporty looking, with their carbon fiber pattern and STi logo, durable, and easy to install.

Carbon Fiber Door Handle Trim

carbon fiber door handle exterior trim mod for 2015+ subaru wrx

These carbon fiber style door handle covers are a very minor modification, but they really dress up the side of the car. They fit right over the door handles on the 2015+ WRX / STI, and they are held on by adhesive strips on the back. When highlighted by these trim pieces, the door handles look surprisingly great, and flow well with the lines of the car.

Lamin-x Yellow Fog Light Cover

Lamin-x Yellow Fog Light Cover

These yellow fog light covers from Lamin-x add some subtle rally-inspired style to the front end of your WRX or STI. They're made to perfectly fit the fog lights of the 2015+ WRX and WRX STI. These are a very affordable and quick mod, and we love the look of yellow fog lights.

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