Best Subaru WRX Tires? 6 choices for summer, all season or winter.

The Subaru WRX is a very well handling car, in a variety of terrain and weather,with the help of its excellent all-wheel-drive system. The car comes with summer tires from the factory, which are good for warmer weather, giving you the best handling and grip. Upgrading the tires of your car can be one of the best mods for improved handling.

The WRX comes with 17" wheels on the base trim, or 18" wheels on the premium and limited trims. Starting with the 2018 model, the Subaru WRX STI comes with 19" wheels. We recommend staying with the factory tire specs, whether you've upgraded to aftermarket wheels or are on the stock wheels.

If it's time to replace your summer tires, or you need something to get you through the colder weather, read on. We've gathered the best tires for the Subaru WRX or WRX STI for summer, all-season, or winter.

Best Summer Tires for the Subaru WRX

Summer tires are good when the temperature is above 45° Fahrenheit (7.2° Celsius). They'll give you the best handling of any kind of tire, and the most grip. If you like spirited driving or occasional track use, these tires will handle perfectly.

Michelin Pilot Sport 4s

Michelin Pilot Sport 4s summer tire for Subaru WRX

The most popular summer performance tire on the market, and perfect for the WRX as well. If you want the number one summer tire that's still meant to drive on the streets, then these are your summer tires. These are the updated version of the Michelin Pilot Super Sport, and they're even better.

2015+ Subaru WRX with 17" inch wheels (235/45R17)

2015+ Subaru WRX with 18" inch wheels (245/40R18)

2018+ Subaru WRX STI with 19" wheels (245/35R19)

Continental ExtremeContact Sport

Continental ExtremeContact Sport summer tire for Subaru WRX

Another excellent summer tire choice, but significantly more affordable than the Michelin Pilot Sport 4S. This is our personal favorite, since its ride quality and performance nearly match the PS4S, giving it a much better value without sacrificing quality.

2015+ Subaru WRX with 17" inch wheels (235/45R17)

2015+ Subaru WRX with 18" inch wheels (245/40R18)

Best Winter Tires for the Subaru WRX

When the temperature drops below 45° Fahrenheit (7.2° Celsius), the compound summer tires are made from starts to harden and lose its grip. For your own safety, and to prevent damaging your summer tires, winter tires are best in these conditions. They'll keep putting power to the road (or the snow) when temperatures fall below freezing, making the most of your car's all wheel drive system. All wheel drive only helps if your tires have grip, so winter tires are a must for driving in the cold, even when you're driving a Subaru.

Bridgestone Blizzak WS80

Bridgestone Blizzak WS80 winter tire for Subaru WRX

The most popular winter tires, not just for the Subaru WRX, but all around. The Bridgestone Blizzak WS80 is a performance winter / snow tire that will give you plenty of grip on ice and snow, with good handling in wet or dry conditions. The tread design helps to channel the snow, water, or slush away keeping the contact area planted to the ground.

2015+ Subaru WRX with 17" inch wheels (235/45R17)

2015+ Subaru WRX with 18" inch wheels (245/40R18)

Yokohama Ice Guard IG52c

Yokohama Ice Guard IG52c winter tire for Subaru WRX

The Yokohama Ice Guard is another excellent choice. Their triple 3D sipes and tread design work to move water, snow, and slush away from the contact surface to keep the compound firmly in contact with the ground. The tires have absorptive silica that help to wick more water away from the road. The compound is higher density, giving both extended life by reducing wear and better performance and handling.

All Season Tires for the Subaru WRX

If you just want a single set of tires that will handle most conditions and not worry about swapping out your tires when the seasons change, there are some good all season tire choices. While these won't perform as well as either dedicated summer tires or winter tires, they'll still offer reasonable handling and performance in a variety of weather conditions.

Continental Extreme Contact DWS06

Continental Extreme Contact DWS06 all season tires for Subaru WRX

The Continental Extreme Contact DWS06 provides good performance in dry or wet conditions, and when the temperature starts to drop, they'll still keep you planted to the road where summer performance tires start to lose grip. These tires will do well in light snow, but in heavier snow and ice, you may want to consider a dedicated set of winter tires. If you just need to drive in some colder and rainy conditions, and want to use the same tires during the summer, these all season tires will do great.

2015+ Subaru WRX with 17" inch wheels (235/45R17)

2015+ Subaru WRX with 18" inch wheels (245/40R18)

2018+ Subaru WRX STI with 19" wheels (245/35R19)

Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3+

Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3+ all season tires for Subaru WRX

These all season tires are a very popular choice for performance cars. While they won't offer the same level of performance as the Pilot Sport 4s in warm weather, they'll do far better in cold and wet conditions.

2015+ Subaru WRX with 17" inch wheels (235/45R17)

2015+ Subaru WRX with 18" inch wheels (245/40R18)

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