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7 Best Shift Knobs for BRZ / FR-S / Toyota 86

Installing a shift knob is a great way to personalize your car's interior, and one of the easiest mods for your BRZ to install. Not only can you pick something unique that looks good to you, but with a weighted shift knob, your shifter will glide from gear to gear with ease. These shift knobs fit Subaru BRZ, Scion FR-S and Toyota 86, and are easy to install in minutes. We've compiled a list of our favorites below.

Our Top Pick: Billetworkz Cosmic Space Shift Knob

Billetworkz makes some of the best quality shift knobs available. Based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, they specialize in making billet aluminum shift knobs. Each one has a slightly different pattern, so no two are unique. The high quality polished and anodized finish won't wear off, and stay looking new for many years. Billetworkz is absolutely worth their premium price with their premium quality, and with how great these shift knobs look, this is our top choice.

Best Weighted Shift Knob: Billetworkz Weighted

If you'd prefer a weighted shift knob, this is another excellent choice from Billetworkz. Coming in at 500g, this one adds some significant weight over the stock shift knob, and is one of the heaviest options available. These are available in either matte black or gloss white, and both finishes look incredible, as we'd expect from Billetworkz.

Mishimoto Weighted Shift Knob

Mishimoto is a well known and respected brand in the tuning community, and their shift knobs are great too. This weighted shift knob more drastically changes the look and feel of the BRZ/FR-S/86's shifter. Compared to the OEM ball style, this shaft style knob brings the shifter closer the the steering wheel. If you want your shifter a bit closer for faster shifting, this is a great choice. Its weight of 0.8 lbs (363 grams) helps you to slide into gear with ease.

NRG Innovations Shift Knob

NRG is known for racing gear like steering wheels and quick release setups as well as their shift knobs. This one also has a shaft design, similar to the Mishimoto weighted shift knob above, bringing it closer to the steering wheel for quicker shifting. Its burnt aluminum finish looks great, and adds a nice accent to your car's interior. This shift knob has some good weight to it, coming in at 14.7 oz (416 grams).

Mishimoto Carbon Fiber Shift Knob

Mishimoto is a very well known brand for their aftermarket parts. Not only do they make power adders like intakes, but interior accessories like shift knobs as well. If a weighted shift knob isn't for you, then this one is lighter and still a great choice.

Perrin Brushed Stainless Steel Shift Knob

Perrin is a huge name in the aftermarket parts world. They make exhausts, intakes, and more, as well as a ton of other smaller parts like shift knobs. This one is made from brushed stainless steel and looks great in the BRZ, FR-S, or 86's interior. It weighs in at 0.5 lbs (227 grams), giving it some extra weight over stock, but it's still lighter than other options. This is a great quality and great looking shift knob, as we'd expect from a brand like Perrin.

DC Sports Shift Knob

DC Sports is known for their mods for Japanese makes, such as exhaust parts like headers and catbacks. They also make some great shift knobs. This one is weighted, coming in at about 0.9 lbs (400g), and will help the shifter smoothly glide into gear with ease. It's available in both the standard ball style, as well as a shaft style if you prefer getting the shifter closer to the wheel. This is another great choice if you'd like a weighted shift knob.

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